Outbound Tour Packages

Temple of the Tooth Relic
  • 6Day/ 5Night

Kandy, City in Sri Lanka

Kandy, located in the central part of Sri Lanka, is a historic and..............



Land of Smiles
  • 6Day/ 5Night

Sri Lanka

Off the southern coast of India sits Sri Lanka, commonly referred to as the "Pearl of the Indian Ocean...

God's Own Country
  • 6Day/ 5Night
  • India


Kerala, often referred to as "God's Own Country," is a state located in the sou...

Flea Markets
  • 7Day/ 6Night
  • India

Mumbai and Goa

Mumbai, often referred to as the "City of Dreams," is the financial capi....

East of the Border
  • 5Day/ 4Night
  • Japan

Japan Kanto

Kanto is a region located in the eastern part of Japan's main island, Hons.....

Jewel of Western India
  • 7Day/ 6Night
  • India


Gujarat, located on the western coast of India, is a captivating state know....

Thunder Dragon
  • 8Day/ 7Night


Nestled in the eastern Himalayas, the small kingdom of Bhutan is a trul...

Luxurious Safari
  • 7Day/ 6Night


Located in East Africa, Kenya is a country renowned for its natural beau....

Ancient Treasures
  • 7Day/ 6Night


Egypt—a land filled with ethereal wonders and the birthplace of civiliz......

Garden City
  • 4Day/ 3Night
  • Singapore


Singapore, a small island country in Southeast Asia, has grown into a pop...

City of Angels
  • 4Day/ 3Night
  • Thailand


Bangkok is a city where the old and the new coexist in perfect harmony.....

Stunning Islands
  • 5Day/ 4Night
  • Maldives


Dreaming of pristine white sandy beaches, crystal-clear turquoise waters, and...

the land of fire
  • 5Day/ 4Night
  • Azerbaijan


Nestled on the shores of the Caspian Sea, Baku, the capital city of Azerbaijan, is a vibrant....

Land of the Gods
  • 5Day/ 4Night
  • Bali


Bali, an Indonesian island known for its natural beauty and rich cultural herit.....